Backyard Living  

Turning Your Idle Land into a Productive Asset

What We Offer 

Every insulated shed is designed with the consumer in mind, providing beautiful aesthetics and versatility for the ultimate in productivity and leisure

Uses for Luxury Sheds 

The versatility of our prefab sheds allow you to use it for many things 


Bring your office to the backyard! Our prefabricated shed allows you to create a quiet space where you can focus on your work without the distractions of being home. 


Have you ever wanted to exercise at home but didn't have the space to do it? Our built to order panels are easily assembled onsite so that you can start breaking a sweat.


Are the kids driving you crazy inside the house? Our backyard sheds make for an excellent play room for your kids to play and hang out. 


Who doesn't need more storage space? Use our fabricated all purpose shed as a backyard workspace and organize your personal belongings without hassle.



Need somewhere to relax? Why not retreat in your own backyard with a she shed or man cave for him and her. With steps away from your home its the perfect solution. 



Enjoy the accessibility and comfort of a studio shed that was fabricated with the artist in mind. Whether you are producing music, painting, or simply need creative space, this is for you.


It's a small footprint but it's built like a house. Premium quality made to last. 


Our studio sheds are structurally engineered with the customer in mind - ensuring easy assembly and many uses. 

Touch Ups 

We provide beautiful finishes that are second to none 

How it Works

Seamless proprietary connections and wall panels to ensure quality and save time 

Compare Models 


Our Storage Series is perfect for anyone who needs extra space to store things or a workshop to do work in 


Our Studio Series is ideal for anyone who wants a fully insulated shed with high end finishes to work or play  

Wall Panels  

Pre-finished wall panels, engineered to ensure energy efficient insulation and durability 

Steel-U-Shape Strips 

1- Inch X 6-Inch Wood Frame 


 Pine Finished Wall


120 sq.ft 

108 sq.ft 

• 100% red pine cladding and studs (exterior)

• 100% hard wood floor and walls (interior)

• Cladding traditional Japanese art red pine burning (black, Shou Sugi Ban)

• Close spray foam insulation

• Complete with 8' and 12’ high pre-built wall and window panels

• Complete with pre-built red pine and metal roof (standing metal seam roofing system)

• Complete with pre-built hardwood floors. Complete with floor, fasteners and hardware


• Includes sliding or folding doors

• Includes fixed windows


• Includes overhang balcony (ft) 

• Includes bolting system

• Paintable: Yes

• Primed : Yes

• Siding Type: Red Pine

• Style: lean-to roof

• Installation Included: No

120 sq.ft 

120 sq.ft 


120 sq.ft 

108 sq.ft 


Financing options available!


Please contact us if you're interested and we can send you the application to qualify.


Please note, this calculator is for illustrative purposes only.  

Below are the main financing terms:


• Min 24 month term 

• Min 50% Deposit 

• 5% Interest 


Choose your shed and select any ad-ons you would like included in your order. For finance options please call to discuss. We will send you an application to fill out. 

1. Order 

2. Delivery

Once your order is received we will begin to get it ready for delivery. Please allows 4-6 weeks for it to get to you. If we have additional questions we will contact you.

Included in the package is a manual of how to assemble the shed. If you prefer to have an  installer instead, we can connect you with one in your area. 

3. Assembly

Why We're Great >

Shed Delivery & Shed Installation Available!

Learn More.


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 Our combined experience in architecture, manufacturing, and customer experience, has guided us through every step in our journey to establish a more cost effective and structurally efficient way to build. 


By doing away with the waste and cost of traditional building methods and embracing smart design, we have come up with a formula that breaks away from the value/cost trade-off that enables homeowners to get high quality at affordable prices. 

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