Cerca was built on a foundation of trust and values above all else. We have a deep sense of responsibility to the communities we live in, consumers we sell to, and partners we work with. We are in the business of people. And that means putting people first. 


Our vision is to improve the way people live, work, and play by delivering a product that works better, looks nicer, saves time, and costs less. Our combined experience in architecture, manufacturing, and customer experience provided us with the know-how to establish  cost effective and structurally efficient ways to build. By doing away with the waste and cost of traditional building methods and embracing smart design, we have come up with a formula that breaks away from the value/cost trade-off and enables homeowners to get high quality at affordable prices. 

Our exclusive partnership with Willy allows us to own the entire supply chain from seed, to fabrication, and ultimately direct to the consumer. By disintermediating the building process, we are able to pass over significant cost savings to consumers. This disruptive approach to building is particularly suitable to homebuilding, which is also a part of the Cerca group of companies.


We are grateful to be working in partnership with Willy, a world class organization that shares our vision, passion, and values in transforming the way people live, work, and play.


Their ability to skillfully transform rough timber into finely crafted building materials using sustainable and ecologically responsible practices, is integral in our manufacturing process. 


Cerca and Willy share the same values and deep sense of responsibility to the communities we live in, by employing local craftspeople to provide meaningful work in economically depressed regions while respecting the environment through responsible harvesting and reforestation.



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