In today’s new normal, many of us are not only working from home – we’re creating, engaging, and building a sense of community from home as well. And now, more than ever, homeowners are looking to turn unused space into something useful – and unforgettable. Meet Cerca, a team of innovators in architecture, design, and manufacturing with one simple goal: transforming your outdoor spaces into beautiful indoor possibilities.


Imagine creating an elegant, affordable, and fully customizable luxury studio in your very own backyard – with the design, size and amenities that suit your needs. Our exclusive line of panelized, flexible-spaces turn vacant area on your property into a postmodern workspace, creative studio, or a stunning living area.


We’re passionate about delivering products that transform properties as we help build a greater sense of home – and hospitality. That commitment has been our foundation from day one as we work to address the current housing crisis, providing homeowners with truly affordable construction solutions. We say “no” to the waste and unnecessary costs of traditional building methods, and instead, we leverage smart design in order to give our customers something truly unique: higher quality products that are highly affordable. Whether you’re looking to create lasting memories, or create additional rental income, our line of flexible-spaces is designed to meet and exceed your expectations.


We use only high-end materials built to withstand the elements, combined with a wide range of build options. Whether you’re looking for lofty, 12-foot ceilings, solid French oak flooring, sustainable bamboo siding, or privacy windows that let you choose the amount of natural light you get, Cerca’s innovative design and prefab construction gives you wide open potential to imagine and assemble a broad range of space configurations to fit your needs.


For homeowners looking to create more room – and more possibilities – there’s Cerca. Built for what’s next.