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What are the Benefits of a She Shed?

You’ve probably heard of what a Man Cave is. You may have seen it on T.V or read about it in a magazine.Or maybe you know someone who has built one. In any case, it has become a common feature in many homes - and with good reason. Men need their space. But so do women! Which is why we are now seeing women creating their own version of a man cave. Meet the She Shed. It is a dedicated place just for her. It can be used to work, have fun, or to simply relax. If nothing else, it is a sanctuary for the woman of the house.

She Shed benefits improve quality of life in the following ways:

Life Balance

Most women have busy lives. Between going to the gym, commuting to work, making dinner, and doing a million other things, a tremendous amount of strain makes a quiet place to think and recuperate emotionally and mentally necessary. Without it, the lack of personal time can exacerbate the stressors both at home and at work. She Sheds can be used to spend time alone so that you can take a pause, breath, and stop the world from spinning. Once it becomes part of your lifestyle, it is quite hard to give up!


Everybody has hobbies. But not everybody has the space to do it right? Whether you’re into arts and crafts, singing, writing, or painting, your environment is an essential consideration that can make or break the experience. Imagine trying to write or paint with your kids screaming in the background . Or singing with your husband telling you to pipe down because he’s watching his football game. A She Shed is a sanctuary where you can do whatever you want with no interruption or reservation.

Enhances relationships

We all love our family. But sometimes being together too much can be a detriment to the health and longevity of a relationship. By giving each other space, you can spend time thinking and reflecting. By doing so you will be able to clear up the fog and compression that often comes with being confined in the same home. She Sheds provide the quiet space that allow you to decompress and gain a new perspective of how to better manage your relationships.

Discover you

Often times we are so busy that we lose touch with ourselves. How many times a day do you actually ask yourself why you’re doing what you do? We adopt routines that when left unchallenged and unchecked, morph into complacency. In order to grow and succeed in achieving your goals, you must first remember what your goals are. A She Shed is the perfect place to reflect and discover your inner you. Just you and your thoughts.

She Said She Shed

In conclusion, imagine coming home to your very own she shed space. She Sheds today can be very elegant, contemporary or rustic. Your shed can match the décor of your home, garden and or your personality. There are no limits to what you can design in a shed today in order to turn your personal shed needs into a reality. Custom She sheds can have windows with shutters or curtains, kitchen and bath, sun roofs, solar panels, sliding doors, porch and patio, and much more. This author will now leave you with a few shed ideas for you to imagine. Your shed designs are endless.

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