Standard Cerca shed with 120 sq.ft of space for US customers 


Add Ons 


Tinted Windows 

SELA DUO (120 sq.ft)

  • • 100% red pine cladding and studs (exterior)

    • 100% solid wood floor and walls (interior)

    • Complete with 8' and 12’ high pre-built wall and window panels

    • Complete with pre-built red pine and metal roof (standing metal seam roofing system)

    • Complete with pre-built 100% solid wood floors. Complete with floor, fasteners and hardware

    • Includes French Outswing Doors

    • Includes fixed windows

    • Includes bolting system for panel connections

    • Paintable: Yes

    • Siding Type: Tongue and Groove Red Pine

    • Style: lean-to roof

    • Installation Included: No

    • Furniture excluded